Eligibility Requirements

Client must be:

  • Individuals and Families in temporary Crisis.
  • Individuals and families with a chronic need due to a permanent disability with insufficientt income to meet essential needs.
  • Individuals and families with chronic need due to low income (the working poor).
  • Senior Citizens with a chronic need due to insufficient income to meet essential needs.

Eligibility Verification Documentations

  1. Household income must not exceed 150% of Federal Poverty Guidelines
  2. Photo ID or Driver’s License
  3. Proof of residence in Bristow or surrounding area – in your name with your address: Current Utility bill:  gas, electric or water or Current rent receipt/mortgage payment
  4. Social Security card for applicant and card for everyone in the household
  5. Proof of income for each person in the household:  Last two pay stubs or Social Security Benefit letter for each person or SSI benefit letter or other award letter
  6. Birthdates for each member of the household

Maximum Amount and Frequency of Assistance

  • Utility:  once every 6 months on cut off notice only
  • Prescription:  Once every 120 days.  No assistance for schedule II drugs, no muscle relaxants, no mood elevators and no refils.
  • Food:  Once every 60 days or once every 30 days for senior citizens.  Variety of food offered is based on donations.
  • Clothing:  Once every 90 days – 5 items per household member
  • Personal Care Products:  Once every 90 days.
  • Diapers/Other Infant Supplies:  Once every 90 days.
  • School Supplies:  Annually
  • Christmas:  Annually


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