Background and History

Bristow Social Services began 25 years ago as an organization funded under the Bristow Ministerial Alliance.  This agency was established to meet the needs of:

Individuals and families in temporary crisis.
Individuals and families with chronic need due to a permanent disability with insufficient income to meet essential needs.
Individuals and families with chronic need due to low income (the working poor).
Senior citizens with a chronic need due to insufficient income to meet essential needs.

In meeting these needs, Bristow Social Services, has become the primary provider of services for Bristow and surrounding areas and is the first point of contact for local organizations when a need is identified.

Bristow Social Services left the primary purview of the Ministerial Alliance and became a member of the Tulsa Area United Way.  Bristow Social Services has continued to meet its original goals while expanding to meet not only the needs of Bristow residents but the needs of other communities in our area.  We offer services to over a 1,000 square mile radius encompassing the towns of Depew, Slick, Shamrock, Milfay, Drumright and Oilton.

In conjunction with the Bristow Housing Authority we offer “Pathways to Success” educational classes focusing on budgeting, parenting and job skills.

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